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I was involved in an auto accident and I was not at fault,the person that hit my car was drunk and left the scene.

The police officer that handled the accident had a towing service, Silver Back Towing is located 16 miles from the accident scene,when I went to get my personal effects out of my car I was told that unless I paid the towing bill of $240.00 my personal property would be held until I paid up.

I am not sure who I am pissed off at more,the city police who had it towed so far away when other towing services were closer,or silverback towing for keeping my things.

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Saint Johns, Michigan, United States #972000

snoopy towing charged me 420 for 2 mile tow im sure all towing companysd are crooked weasels


Got screwed by gt tow service in raymore mo same way an wont let me get my stuff for work!


Nick Rhoads, owner of Silverback is a lowlife weasel. He is a liar and a cheat. Do not do business with him!!!


I wouldnt say that it is a towing company rip off.But there are alot of times people get their belongings then never come back.

Then we are stuck with a car that we cant get rid of. SOMETIMES i will take the title for the total bill, I am not that greedy. But I always let people get their stuff. I know other companies do not, and I understand why.

As a matter of fact i have 1 now in lot that has been there for 6 months.Wish I had his stuff as collateral.

to tow guy #1111661

You may be stuck with a car but what about the person who just lost their car and maybe job over it and can't afford to pay the bills and tickets.Yeah let's take his stuff to.

You already have the car worth all of what it cost to tow.Even if it's scrap

Luzhou, Sichuan, China #25632

Hello, now i know you all are reading this and think what a rip off company- well were should we start? I will start with yes John was in a wreck by a drunk driver and he did run, the city police found the the car that hit him, silverback towing was called by the city police, there is a list of the towers that they use and it was silverback towing turn- Now John went to the E.R. to get checked out, No one was with the car- city police had to have the car removed from the middle of the steet. Silverback towing had to clean up half of his car on the street. So 6 days later John shows up at silverback towing wanting to know what the charges are and we told him 240.00 dollars now wait! Let me break this down for you since john did not, this inculds Towing, Clean up, Dispoal, Storage, Aimssion fee. Now when the police call a towing service they MUST be there in 20min that is like paying for next day air- it cost alot more!!!

So i told john this. and he gets loud with us saying "that is worng", I said ok i will do this then gave us the Title and 100 dollars and we have a deal you can get all your stuff out of your car ! NO he saids and walk out and slams the door and say to us "MY LAWYER WILL TALK TO YOU" Now john here writes this stuff cuz his mad and makes my towing service look bad!

All i can say is Sorry we could not help you any more

If you would like to talk about this story you can call us 717-799-4006

Thanks for Reading

Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India #25212

This practice is a famous towing company rip off.First, check with your insurance to see whether or not they have already paid for the tow.

If they haven't and they should have, go directly ( do NOT call) to one of their offices and get it straightened out.

Unfortunately, they can keep your personal property with the exception of legal documents like divorce or custody papers.

They also cannot withhold any necessary medications you have to take.Some states do have different ordinances about these situations, local county or state, so you may want to check them out as well.

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